- Forest gardening -

Bosquefrut is in the center of the province. The main sights are very close. Let's look at some of these sites and their amenities: 

1.- Zaruma.- One of the oldest cities in Ecuador. Declared an architectural heritage of humanity. Spring weather all year round and with tradition of friendly people. Distance: 50 kilometers. The cost of the bus ticket: $ 2, oo. 


2.- Portovelo.- City with mining tradition from the time of the Spanish conquest. There is the mineralogical museum of Magner Turner and the hot springs, hot springs that flow from the bowels of the earth. Distance: 50 kilometers. Bus ticket: 2, oo. 

3.- Piñas.- A city with a mild and humid climate, it is a tourist and commercial destination. It is known for the great variety of wild orchids that grow in the place. Distance: 45 kilometers. Bus ticket: 1,5o.

4.- Moromoro.- Small agricultural town, with great natural wealth. It is an ecological reserve and the great attraction of bird watching. Distance: 40 kilometers. Bus ticket: 1,5o